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Reviews for "Pass The Flash II"

That felt good!

That was creative and enjoyable. It's so nice to see Clock movies on the front page. Where they belong.

Epic Artwork by some

Some of the contributors are fantastic artists. Their segments really clashed with some of the poorer ones from people that probably didn't try very hard. The plot was very confusing and I kind of lost interest. It's true though, the clocks have always been terrible.

Needs more recognition

This was a wonderful collab from the CC. The story, albeit confusing at times, was engaging, and the ending was hilarious and epic. Great job for everyone involved. A few have suggested this in the Treasure Hunt competition and I hope that it does get the recognition it deserves.

awesome work

Satellite and clockradio did an amazing job! really liked munglai's too!

Nj all around!


this deserves a score of 5 and front page