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Reviews for "Pass The Flash II"

Held my attention for a long time

This movie was strangely captivating, and held my attention for a very long time, until it became more slap-stick towards the end, but overal it was very good.

Somehow I really connected with the characters in the movie, and the constant changes in art-style contributed to the "messing up the future by going to the past" plot.

Frankly I usually don't really like these clock movies, but this one had a good pace and it always kept you guessing what's going to happen next. I guess that's where the strength lies, that keeps you watching.Obviously a lot of planning and work was put in to this, which also surprised me.


I like all the visuals but.. Those voices always have and ALWAYS will always be irritating for me. plus the audio channel is full os silences and generic cliche sounds.

words cannot describe

just, too epic. Brotherberry for President!

That was swell!

Great work by everybody involved <3

THAT was weird

Well...I have to give you credit for having one of the wackiest, most nonsensical flashes I have ever encountered. It's the kind that you simply can't dislike, because it's so well done. I think this may be the longest thing the Clock Crew ever worked on. In fact, its only fault was that it seemed to go on too long. First StrawberryClock was king, then HamburgerClock, then CarrotClock, then BrotherBerryClock! It's definitley worth checking out.

This is the first time in years I've heard mention of that "All Your Base" meme. You guys still did a great job at this, particularly with how everyone was so different. You even managed to make the voices somewhat different for each. I wish you guys would have submitted this on Clock Day, I see Daily Feature winner here! I think my favorite in terms of animation would have to be KombuchanClock.