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Reviews for "Pass The Flash II"

Well, I remember many years ago, I saw this before creating this account, and I have not commented on it until this year.
And now that I wonder, where is the first part of this??

Hey what happened to the first one?


I really enjoy these kind of flashes where everyone contributes thier own ideas and artistic perspective continuing the story By the way whats the song that is played on SatelliteClocks part it really goes well with the tom wade & hamburger clocks tripping through time and space

Yet Another Clock Flash

To be fair, some of the animation and story was clever, but the whole clock thing is way over played and feels stagnant. You guys have talent and I would like to see what else you could come up with because it seems like you make these clock flashes just to keep it going for some reason, maybe an inside joke??
I mean, I noticed that more than half of the people who reviewed this movie either worked on it, had the word "clock" in their handle, or both.
Anyway, I hope to see a new flavor of flash from you guys sometime down the road, something less clocky perhaps...

Background a little loud

It was rather interesting, however the background music was loud enough for me to hear what was said about half the time.