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Reviews for "Rodent Wars"

Pretty cool theme

I enjoy these types of games for a while each time a new one comes out...cool music and neat theme with the rodent burrows. Two things though, not sure if its worth mentioning, because it may not be a recurring problem, but level 7 (i think it was) froze up on me. The rodents all just stuck ont he screen, their animations continued and the burrow numbers kept growing, but when i tried to send more out, the white arrow pointer just got stuck about an inch off each burrow, always stuck pointing to the right. However a simple "level reset" click fixed it and it hasnt happened again. Also one other thing, once you buy an upgrade, if you go back in and click that same upgrade, it does take the magic crystals, but does it increase the bonus multiple times? I'm just nto sure thats a glich that takes the crystals but doesnt stack the upgrade, or does it actually stack the upgrade? Cool game regardless.

nldr responds:

Upgrades does not stack. This demon-cat is such a joker. He likes crystals =) Just kidding. I will fix it. Thx for the respond.

i really had a good time