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Reviews for "Kick the Block"

good game

i really enjoyed of this game

Really nice

I got that feeling of accomplishment from outsmarting a level when I made a really long cut at a strange angle. Previously I have gotten that kind of fun only from TIM (The Incredible Machine). I only wish there were more levels to master (took just over an hour and some luck to ace all 25 levels) and perhaps some more tools like a string cutter only for strings or an iron cutter that are limited (using a different counter) to bring some variation to the levels.

Good as most other games like it

It's interesting to see the different designs of levels you put in. It's not something to be taken that lightly, as it can overtake you. I don't quite understand the title, because most of the time it's not about kicking. I have played many games like this, but this is still enjoyable because you put personality in the shapes. They seem to be giggling and chuckling so much all the time. This makes it more satisfying when you throw them off the screen.

There could have been some better graphics used. The shapes all seemed to be a solid color and there didn't seem to be a lot of shadings. It was still nice how you put in a pretty good background. You'd have no idea how many different ways you can slice up a block of wood, or whatever those things are. It's a fairly fun game.

it needs improvement

its hard, but the worse of this game is the music.
its very bad 3/5

I like it...

Seems pretty original. Definetley fun :) 9/10 4/5