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Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

Great game

Great Game. Teaches kids to throw balls at evil monsters!

Great game

It must be difficult to make a game that is fun & teaches a good message. I have played it a few times and the idea doesn't get old to me. I agree 100% with the game's message and hope most other people consider it's thought.

To me there is a better message...

In the description it says that you should teach them how to safely use technology and how to enjoy it, well, this is how I perceive that:

First off to you idiots, if a child watches pornography that would be a small issue, but as a parent if you discover they are and take no action against it then guess what? THAT'S ILLEGAL. What you also don't realize is the actions you would take as a parent to protect your child. This basically says you need to teach them how to filter through the internet on their own, you guide their steps and make sure they don't go to sites that will give you viruses and make sure they realize that untrusted sites can steal personal information at any point they attempt to use them. I'm very internet savvy because my father taught me at a young age to be careful.

As for cyber bullies and trolls, just teach them how to deal with those situations appropriately.

Now on another perspective I think of this game on a different subject then the one provided. The situations in the game can easily be applied to the physical world around your child and not just on the internet. Your duty as a parent is to protect, provide, and train your children so that they can one day leave with what they learned and discover new knowledge on their own.

5/5 and 10/10. The gameplay was simple and interesting. I like that there are multiple control schemes, I had to use the twin stick option because mouse pads are wretched things in gaming. And a moral makes the game complete because it isn't just trying to be unique or fancy or drawn out; but it is getting the point through clearly and meets it's designers purposes of development.


So now I know if I have any problems like my girl friend is talking to muhc. THROW A BALL AT HER!