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Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

Classic Gregory Weir

Yes people, although this serves as a positive message to parents and their children, this project undoubtedly resonates Gregory Weir's eclectic, offbeat, and original style of game design. That is why this game deserves more than meets the eye (meaning the 3/10's below). The subtle undertones of an outside the box thinker in Passing the Ball are more difficult to pickup than other titles by this designer. But if you enjoy playing games with a different perspective and escaping into imagination, check out his other works, good stuff!
I look forward to your future games, keep up the great work!

I Love the Message

though next time make the game more appealing to its players :)


The Graphics are terrible and the music is mind numbing. The only reason you are getinng any points at all is because of the positive message.

Really good and simple game...

With a really good and simple message. Good job in making the game; the metaphorical throwing of the ball to defeat those monster things got the message across to me clearly.


Its nice that you want to spread a message, but the game itself was poor quality and boring.