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Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

I agree.

CrawlingKingSnake, you have a point. I like GregoryWeir's games and the way they force me to think. But with each game I've noticed that there's rarely any form of difficulty, in fact, this is probably one of his hardest games that I've played excluding Do Babies Dream of Dead Worlds, but I never took the time out to finish and master that one.

The message overpowers the gameplay yes, but going into it at first, I don't know, I'm willing to compromise gameplay for interactivity with such a fascinating presentation

Great game

Great Game. Teaches kids to throw balls at evil monsters!

A game that encourages you not to play it.

As a vehicle meant to deliver a message, it was alright.

As a game, it was pretty bad.

The visuals were okay. Not really good or bad. The music as well.

Then there's the gameplay. The most important part of a game. The gameplay was boring. The game actively encourages you not to play it as part of the message. After the first few enemies the kid learned how to fight and then I just stood there for the rest of the game, and won. Great. The child now knows how to protect himself online. Wake me up when it's over.
A game that plays itself is hardly a game at all.

I think it would have fared better as an animation.

I suppose it was alright

The game was solid but nothing special. I don't think the message comes across very clearly; I wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't explicitly stated at the end. I'm normally very biased against games with a message because they tend to come across as preachy, unrealistic and the games themselves tend to be really bad. At least this had a message that made sense and the game was okay if dull.

I liked it

I don't really understand why some people get upset about flash games with ''bad'' graphics. It's one thing to bitch about a boring storyline, repetative gameplay, or poorly functional controls, but if you want 'mind-blowing' visuals or whatever stop playing flash games, buy a f***ing xbox and play games that were actually meant to look awesome.