Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

Interesting and unique gameplay

I had genuine fun with this, thinking that each level brought new and interesting challenges.
But one level, all of a sudden, it became extremely difficult, and I lost very quickly. If you make that change a little more gradual, the game will be much more fun long term. Everything else was spot on.

Message is strong

The game play is a bit difficult, but it gets across the message. That's what the overall theme was in this game. 9/10 for the game.

Won't play again.

This was short and a bit on the boring side. BUT I got the message which is true and this successfully showed that which I see was the point all along so I'll give you an 8.

A positive message, however

You have to give these guys credit for trying to ensure safety with a game. After all, we all played the Domu protect-against-a-tsunami game, and it was amazing, and, may i say, the donation game of donatioin games

A little Bug at the Logo screen

If you click on the screen when it show the website, it opens a new tab to the website, right? but then the flash pauses, and to restart, you have to click the page agaion, which opens up the new tab, and you can never start the game.

Otherwise, good game, but too boring