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Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

Is it the best you can do ?

It's a very very poor game.

The only reason it wasn't blamed (and made the frontpage) is the message.

what just happened?

I somewhat understand the message, but at the same time, the message seems kinda skewed. your child will inevitabley run into one of the hellish corners of the internet. heck they will eventually find porn by accident. the best you can do is make sure they are mentally set for something as such so they can act mature towards the situation.

Great game

It must be difficult to make a game that is fun & teaches a good message. I have played it a few times and the idea doesn't get old to me. I agree 100% with the game's message and hope most other people consider it's thought.

Super neat

I really like the message of this AND the gameplay, though I'm not completely sure that the gameplay really matches the message. Teaching the kid was awesome, but the fact that he's attacking little monsters doesn't seem to have to do too much with "digital technologies." I ADORE games where you help a character you can't control become stronger (sort of like A Mother in Festerwood - despite all that game's glitches) - people should make more of those!

needed more levels

great mesage and game though i liked the rebounding balls