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Reviews for "Passing the Ball"

waste of time`

I get the message which got across ok. but this was kinda boring and stupid.

Strange yet interesting.

I think I understand what you are trying to do using Dodge ball as a metaphor.

In the game after oh so much practice your kid got better and better, soon able to defend himself and help you in his defense. YOu can do the same thing for digital things.

1) Learning to catch -> Be there with them and point out what the problems are and show them what digital dangers there are.

2) Fighting back but can't find the ball -> Be there but let them 'drive' so the speak. They do it they work it and use what they know in avoiding the dangers themselves but you are still there to help them should they need it.

3) Arming myself for danger -> At this point you can let the kids go on their own as they have all the knowledge they need to protect themselves and has shown they can handle themselves.

Like in any sport it takes time and practice in order to do things yourself with confidence.

Ok that was the message review how about the game review. The game itself was ok over all. Way too short and the enemies were predicable and if you helped your kid there was almost no way to lose (Granted it needed to be this way for the message). But you got a good basic platform for a bigger game. No real message needed but you can take this and do so much with it. More enemies, more upgrades for you and your kid, and other things. This can be so much bigger than what it really is.

Um, I don't get it

So this game basically teaches me that if I want my kid to look out for internet predators that I should teach him how to play dodge ball?

I would have much rather played a game about dodge ball.

....needs a lil more...

good base, but colud use a bit more action,.


This is some Nightmare Fuel.