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Reviews for "A Trip to the Carnival"

You had me at "WHEEEEEEEEE~"

I clicked the link, not expecting much more than another mediocre flash slapped together by a middle-schooler......
I left the page, 5 minutes later, a heaping, sobbing pile of human emotion. This story has moved me, it is the pinnacle of what all writers and creators are striving for in today's modern age. Absolutely beautiful, I loved the clever twist at the end, where zombie clown ate bro. Never have I grieved so much over the loss of a fictional character than for bro. In fact, I grieved less at my parent's double funeral, after they both simutaneously died of cancer and aids, respectively.
I commend you for your wonderful contribution to humanity, and look forward to your future masterpieces.
The only suggestion I can think of is to prolong the story, so I might chance upon enjoying a few more moments of this godly story.

seabere responds:

Finally someone on this site that understands my pure genus. You sir are the reviewer of the highest intellect on this whole website. Bravo good sir.

Yeah. Good start. Interesting premise. Now, care to add some gameplay to this piece you've classified as a game?


Not a bad piece of work for your first piece right after buying the software, but...it'd be nice if the game actually progressed past being eaten by a clown-zombie. There look like there might be, or should be options, but I've tried clicking just about everything to no effect. Am I missing something completely obvious?

seabere responds:

Nope, pretty much it. If I had actually written it it would have had some form of good ending type thing... or at least choices. thanks for the input and sorry I wasted so much of your time with my basic tech demo.

Way too linear. Technically not even a game.

Also 'Point and Click' doesn't mean click to advance the text until you inevitably die.
I'll give you a 1 because I'm impressed that you learnt how to script buttons within a few hours of having flash.

seabere responds:

Well they didn't have a section for whatever the hell this is (I want to say VN but that would be mocking VNs) so I just put it under point and click since there is no keyboard input. And thanks i'll make sure to upload something with more quality next time.

This is a game?