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Reviews for "Festival Day"

Guys... no.. it... it doesn't work for me. I gotta have more cowbell!

Step responds:

Damn it. I told samulis... "man, we gotta have more cowbell", but he was like "don't be foolish, step, we have enough cowbell to go around".

I KNEW we should've had more cowbell.

stunning work, this should be on Final Fantasy, has that similar type of atmosphere, i love your work, keep it up :)!
- Pandasticality

Step responds:

Thanks a million! Glad you enjoyed it.

This is absolutely stunning! It reminds me so much of some older games I played, it's a little nostalgic haha, most of all it reminds me of Zelda! Someone may have said this, but Nintendo should take you in to produce music for their Zelda games, you would be so good at it!

Step responds:

I don't know if you noticed but a few reviews below you someone said the exact same thing hahaha.

Anyway I'm flattered, but I don't think I hold a finger to Zelda soundtrack. Stylistically this may be similar but the composition in Zelda's soundtrack is just incredible, whereas over here I just use veeery standard musical techniques, which I think makes this a bit more plain than Zelda music.

Despite all that I'm really glad you enjoyed this, means a lot! Thanks for the review.

What did I just listened????

It's EXTREMELY amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step responds:

Haha thanks! Glad you like it.

sounds like a festival, in a magical world. filled with music , magic, and wonder.

Step responds:

That's the idea! Thanks for the review :).