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Reviews for "Festival Day"

Very good!!!

Step responds:

Yay thank you!

Honestly, I don't think of this as better or worse than the original. It's more like an alternate version with alternate purpose.

I do personally prefer the original because I really love the harp part, and really the whole intro, and I feel like the cool beat came out better through the transition and the rest of the original. In this version, the beat drops out in a couple places and it just feels a little too dead to me, especially with the ending just slowly dropping down in intensity - it feels like the music is literally dying. Those are just my honest opinions.

Step responds:

Hey man, thanks a million for your honest review! It's interesting to see another perspective on this. Personally I feel like this is a much better version from the original, because I don't think the harp part added all that much to a track that felt more characterised by its bouncy drum beat and upbeat atmosphere than its peaceful harp + recorder section.

Additionally I thought that dying the music down gradually at the end would work better for the theme of the track, and I prefer it over the other ending which felt too abrupt. I think I agree with you about how the beat came in through a cooler transition in the other one than this version though.

Anyway, it's why I kept both versions up. I can totally see why you prefer the other one and I'm really glad you dropped by to review! Thanks again.

This is absolutely stunning! It reminds me so much of some older games I played, it's a little nostalgic haha, most of all it reminds me of Zelda! Someone may have said this, but Nintendo should take you in to produce music for their Zelda games, you would be so good at it!

Step responds:

I don't know if you noticed but a few reviews below you someone said the exact same thing hahaha.

Anyway I'm flattered, but I don't think I hold a finger to Zelda soundtrack. Stylistically this may be similar but the composition in Zelda's soundtrack is just incredible, whereas over here I just use veeery standard musical techniques, which I think makes this a bit more plain than Zelda music.

Despite all that I'm really glad you enjoyed this, means a lot! Thanks for the review.

stunning work, this should be on Final Fantasy, has that similar type of atmosphere, i love your work, keep it up :)!
- Pandasticality

Step responds:

Thanks a million! Glad you enjoyed it.

Damn, only one major climax in the song, now I have to listen to it twice as many times as before! DAMN YOU, STEP! *raises fist to the sky*

Step responds:

Oh come on, even the older version had only one major climax!

Thanks for the review ^_^.