Reviews for "R.I.P. Steve Jobs"

Rude and disrespectful...

...Insta-faved! And now I'm curious about the results of that google search...

A deep... though provoking piece.

It's obviously a political statement about the United States in the eyes of the world.
It's also a metaphor about middle eastern women and the bra industry.

Yeah, if that was a funny joke. :3

Apple would have a better place with a CEO who is awesome.
All though, i think it would change everyone's lives.


I fucking lol'd
@flashmonger Do you not know what Steve Jobs looks like?

5/5 - You should have put only one button on the mouse and no wheel. I had to struggle with Mac computers all my life at school back in the early 2000's and 90's, fuckers only had one button...

....Almost wanted to bring MY computer to school...