Reviews for "R.I.P. Steve Jobs"

As usual oney, uncool humor...

Oh welll....
RIP Steve Jobs...


I gave you 5 out of 10 due to the sheer short length of the film. I cannot say that i agree with you making fun of someone so soon after their death, but you put an effort into this movie and that cannot be overlooked. I didn't find it funny and I believe that everyone should respect the death of any man or women. The 5 only represents effort.

Yes, jobs may not of been perfect. Yes he was abusive towards his workers and be deemed a tyrant. But, no man or women deserves to have a flash parody made of them so soon after their death.


Lolz i get your humour haha thats it.......I SAID THATS IT!!!....*Suicide*

Love u bro. (not gay) O_O

This is in Bad Taste

I laugh at Puppy covered with spooge in "Retarded Animal Babies." I think Salad Fingers rubbing his nipples with thistles is hilarious. But making fun of a man so soon after his death is beyond the pale. Funny drawing don't make something funny. This is sick.

Constructive criticism? Stay away from ridiculing the recently deceased. It's not edgy. It's juvenile, mean-spirited and -- here's a word I don't often use, but I mean it literally -- retarded.

psychicpebbles responds:

Why? WHAT changes 5 years after he's dead? Nothing.

You didn't know Jobs personally and nothing will become funnier. The guy is dead, but I gaurentee you'll be one of the people who tells a Steve Jobs joke or laughs at one in a few months or a few years. At least I'm not being a hypocrite and saying; "YEAH IT'S FUNNY BUT NOT NOW BECAUSE IT'LL BE FUNNY LATER BUT DON'T LAUGH NOW HYNUCK"

I believe you're the retarded one here, and anyone in your boat. If you can explain why it's not funny now because he JUST DIED, I'd love to hear this. If not, you're a massive hypocrite who gets offended when I lightly poke fun about a guy you didn't ever know. Ever.

RIP Stevie Wonder

I would have given you 11/10, but I really didn't like the font.

psychicpebbles responds:

da font