Reviews for "R.I.P. Steve Jobs"

i challenge thee monsiuer!

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Yeah, i understand the need to make it quickly, knowing Steve Jobs, he'll probably come back to life in 3 days and tell us he died for our technologies.

psychicpebbles responds:

He'll float up to Heaven on a giant iPad.

Abit short

My only criticism is that its abit short, the animation was fine and the humour was okay.

Atleast your trying to be light hearted with the guys recent death. And not being fake about it/...

You should really take the piss out of all the fake people saying RIP when they don't really care about him though.

psychicpebbles responds:

Yeah, I think only a handful of people actually KNEW jobs personally are aloud to cry or get upset. People die of cancer and aids every day and not a single tear is shed for them, nor are they taken into consideration. OH WELL LOL

Calm dowen

It is soon. But good ol Jobs helped social media and news as it happens evolve to where it is today. He would appreciate the humour of it being so soon. LOL at the pic of Bill Gates. The only thing with this I didn't like was that it was short. But it was nice.

psychicpebbles responds:

I would have made it longer but I wanted to get this done so it'd still be relevant. It was actually only meant for Youtube, but Oney told me to throw it up on here.

As usual oney, uncool humor...

Oh welll....
RIP Steve Jobs...