Reviews for "Binding of Isaac DEMO"

the game is very hard 0_0

Just recently realized this games brilliance. I'm so glad this demo is on Newgrounds. Awesome!

I love this fucking game. Good job on the art as well

This is really good for a demo for a game i know came out years ago to story really is good but here's a complaint that never will be noticed : everytime i beat the game or die it keep giving me the screen to buy the full game and i'm annoyed. anyway its great in general 4.5 Stars

to be a type of prototype or beta for so call it, it is quite entertaining, the original game overcomes it, of course! but still it is an excellent version to pass the time, but even so, some things or I ended up combencer, I notice it very dead, lke something is missing, this game does not break the fourth wall like others, the colors, the ambience, Life is missing but darlin, I fear my vow of faith, 4 stars!