Reviews for "Binding of Isaac DEMO"

this is gud


Just got Binding of Isaac: Rebirth a while back, this demo is what made me check it out. And oh man i laughed reading all the 0 or .5 star reviews from Christians and overreacting people who said it was inappropriate. I will openly admit to being religious, and the fact that everyone whines so much about the re interpreting of the story of Abraham and Isaac is stupid. Seriously, I think based on the actual game endings and whatnot, it becomes clear that Isaac and his mother both deal with psychological issues, and that due to his mother being religious, he has a warped view of religion (hence many bosses being biblical figures in the full game.) So, all in all, great demo for the game. And to those whiny people who just criticize the intro, you're all morons, play the game and make of it what you will. But stop whining just because you can't take religious criticism. Love the game play and the story, plus the unique mechanics for each boss and the procedurally generated style to make for a different game each time.

all medals ;)

Best outdated game to date on newground, freaking awesome!