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Reviews for "Binding of Isaac DEMO"

weird but finally

finally another game with my name the gaming was zelda style wich is awesome
also like the perks my favorite was the mushroom and also the story was having
one of those and funny things the weird thing is that the story almost sound like
me when i was little deja vu finally the music was epic with the dub step rock you
deserve these stars

Although I know this is already a finished game.

Even though I know this is a game that is already done with and in stores, I'll review it.
Story: A great opening, with some vague plot behind it. I'd play the full game just to get the plot, if that were an option to me at the moment.

Gameplay: The game takes some classic Zelda elements, combined with momentum and some shooting mechanics I haven't seen in a while. It throws in the game with almost no information, but makes up for it with easy to see game elements that would easier to put in words. The Binding of Isaac mixes some RPG/Shooter elements, and does it flawlessly. 10/10

Music: Takes some simple instruments, and bends it to that of a child's tune, emphasizing the other elements that make a game. It helps to add the disturbing feeling to the game, and gets the feeling across very well. 10/10

Overall: 10/10

Note: I didn't review the art, because thats not what makes a game.

Great Game

I've been playing the full game on Steam since day one. I LOVE this game. it's one of my favorite games this year. I've been sending this demo to friends to get them to try it and buy it. Definitely worth the $5 it costs.

i may

i may get this game it is fun and its like indie and also random generated so i kinda now wanna get it


Zelda based? jaja well still nice i have to say
it remember me when i was young i always used to play zelda.