Reviews for "Binding of Isaac DEMO"

The Mom Is Obviously Crazy

Am I the only one who feels sorry for those weird guys with the bumpy heads who only want to be left alone... and when you kill them, flies pop out of his head?

Either way, this was very fun, if not hard. Your art work is also very awesome. I am thinking of getting Meatboy first before I get BoI. Great job though Guys :D

Simply Amazing

This game is so awesome that I bought and played it before the demo came out.


Reminds me of that game on NES Smash Tv great classic


Hard but suprise suprise it's fun


I planned to get this game for my birthday, and I was unsure,But THANK YOU for uploading this demo!
I have a crappy computer,so will I be allowed to toggle the quality settings?
So far I'm in love with this game and it's just genuis.