Reviews for "Sonic Generations Plot"


Epic win, dude! Love how you make fun of such things, like Shadow and new Sonic's green eyes. XD This beats all of the other Sonic spoofs here on Newgrounds together!


I enjoyed this, it was reasonably well done and quite funny... Time Paradox!!! But in all seriousness, the voice acting could have been cleaner. Apart from that, good job : )

Loved it

Tails, your one of the reasons I love you.
Ha ha, that was funny. Sonic with another face plant in the ground. I never really noticed it till now.
Simply amazing none the less.

very funny

Nice music and the good jokes about sonic but i like the part of paradox poor tails hahahah

You know..

The Sonic The Hedgehog comic's are all ready doing this Sonic Generations thing. Thats why there suddenly makeing a game out of it.

The makers of Sonic are just doing this hole Sonic Generations thing & the remake of the old Sonic game because there like celabrateing 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog & there 225th comic book..

But if you ask me this little Celeabratechion thing is just not even worth the effort..