Reviews for "Sonic Generations Plot"

When did I dye my eyes green?

I knew jokes like this will simply never get old. The funniest part was probably when Tails said they had to keep a running gag up and Sonic didn't understand him. The animation in this was really good. I think the voices were really cool and Tails' voice was especially the best. I actually find him to have a nice voice. While I haven't played that many of the Sonic games, I have been around the Internet long enough to know what this is about.

I thought Knuckles was the one usually fooled by Eggman becoming good. It's funny because I saw something like this in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic book. It wasn't a parody, just the two versions of Sonic drawn together. Yeah, I guess he didn't have green eyes originally. Of course, with those sprites, it was hard to tell.

BRILLIANT! i like how you used the time paradox

if tails gets screwed doesnt that mean knucles and shadows gets screwed and "FUCK YOU" said tails

Review number 116

The humor I think is much like the modern day family guy episodes, I for one am not a fan of these. The animation I'd give a C+ (get it? lol) and the voice acting was sub-par but that is probably because I'm so used to hearing regular sonic from the video games of my childhood. Overall you deserve a 6/10 but I will give you a 8/10 because I simply don't have the ability to make flash.

Good job friend, keep it up.

thats true

thats proberly what would happen if the two sonics met

Excellent parody

Initially this seemed like a typical Sonic parody, but this is actually quite clever and creative. I laughed several times and loved younger Sonic's attitude, and the animation quality is actually really well done too. Great work, you deserve the front page!