Reviews for "Sonic Generations Plot"

time paradox

I agree with young sonic they do seem lik the biggest group of jackasses but Sonic is still the best games charcter there is lmao


Great jokes, but voice acting could be better

Love it!

Love the jokes considering I'm a crazed Sonic fan, love the artwork, and love pretty much everything else. Though I hear slight background noise, I pretty much found this enormously entertaining!

Awww but we were just getting to the good part!

Wow, finally a decent Sonic parody first I've seen in a while for that matter. Despite the choppy voice acting I see a lot of potential with this. The jokes were pretty funny and for some reason kinda reminds me of Roger and that other guy who did the Sonic Shorts series being how it's fast paced and often times random. But I digress. only thing I was disapointed was the abrupt ending.

Other then that I await the next part!

Make it longer or have a sequel

This stuff is gold!! It has great animation, great jokes, etc. I'd say you should make more! It's too short and it left me begging for more!