Reviews for "Sonic Generations Plot"

i remember this funny video on youtube

Great voice acting, Tails' voice was the best in my terms!

the "time paradox" was a bit of a problem, as if Tails not helping sonic in his adventures (like in sonic unleashed, when Tails takes him in his plane around Mobius (Sonic's world) that makes the world map, there is also sonic colors when tails uses his "computer-iPad-thing" as a translator, to understand the aliens) that will cause a MASSIVE PARADOX that destroys Mobius and the rest of the universe!

great flash. Here are a few things I find wrong or funny about sonic Generaations:
1. Sonic cna charge a spindash in green hill zone?UNACCEPTABLE!(sonic had to move then press odwn to spindash in the 1st sonic)
2. How da fudge did his eyes go green?
3. Wonder when he started to run wiht his hands behind his back...
4. I wonder Why the world wasn't destroyed when classic and modern touch each other. probably because they weren't IN a world!

LOL! Serves Tails right! Nice work dude!

luv shit. i just said shit.