Reviews for "Sonic Generations Plot"

Well, there's Knuckles, who has the IQ of tinfoil,

First really funny Sonic short in a while. Although I wish someone used a William Shatner Time Travel jokes, not like anyone gets what I mean (You mean they're going to drop a bridge on Classic Sonic?)

this was a pretty awsome clip

my favorite part was when you showed the joke about sonic falling in most of the games. the reason it was'nt a 10/10 was tails

Great dialog, easy to understand and follow..


Sonic Generation Plot present by MEGAJAMES studios is worth 8 of 10. Simply for the fact the dialog is comical. I like the script. MEGAJAMES studios presented not new but still great points within their animation, story, and dialog about Sega's Sonic the hedgehog's universe. Tail's voice does sound like a female voice acts it. Tail's is lame. Sonic does fall a lot. Eggman/Dr. Robotnic, the continuing themed villein in the Sonic games, always manages to trick Sonic and or his friends to believing he is good. More so in the later games than the classic. But back to the review, the animation is smooth which is always nice. The cut scenes between scenes shows skill. Storyline is strong. Over all well put together animation. I will recommend others to see this animation. Keep up the good script writing MEGAJAMES studios!!!!

Breath of fresh air.

There have been so many Sonic parodies over the years that my attention span has just given up. However, this one sticks with me because the jokes are good and the animation is crisp. I wish more spoofs could have the quality of this one.

Hahah sooo funny!

Kinda sad though about tail dissapearing because of teh tym paradaw! XD