Reviews for "Haunted"

10/10 would watch markiplier play song again

Prepare for massive listens, ratings, and downloads, your song was featured in a game called Critical Mass, which Markiplier played on his channel today on youtube, and it was EPIC! Going to give it a download myself, keep up the amazing beats!

I cant believe this doesnt have more plays everything about it is super and can fill my pants with anonymous liquid

great song!! very nice use of the saw bass :)! i also do dubstep, sometimes those saw basses are hard to place in a melody, great job here, solid melody.

Very polished track, lots of great use of saw/sub and chip/synths for the main bit. Great ambiance kept in between and an amazing variety of different sounds that keep the track going in a fluid motion. Listening has great output, not too overpowered in volume mix, dynamics favor the punch of the track.

Solid production, and an enjoyable track.


ShirkMusic responds:

Wow incredible review I must say. Thanks so much for the feedback! :)