Reviews for "Haunted"

Omfg dude that... that made me cry of bossness (im not a pussy ok?) anyways this song is the best dubstep i have ever heard in my hole life!!!! PS can i use this in my videos on youtube? i'll probably lay you in the description! and your song!

ShirkMusic responds:

Thanks so much man! I'm glad you enjoy the song. You also have my permission to use my songs in your videos, but you must credit me and link in my soundcloud/newgrounds page https://soundcloud.com/shirkofficial

One of the greatest Dubstep I've ever heard, This Dubstep has made it on to my top 3 best dubsteps Good Job Shirk! :)


OMG, i know i already commented before, but I am not kidding when i say that this song made me love dubstep. I used to hate it and think it was unoriginal and crap like that, but this song is what turned that around for me. Literally my favorite dubstep song ever and always will be. the drops get me every time. Fantastic piece of work here, and i seriously hope to here more awesomeness from you in the future.

Stay Classy,

ShirkMusic responds:

You make me want to continue to produce music indefinitely, Leo! Of course I have every intention of doing so anyway but it makes me truly happy that my music has in some way improved your opinion of the genre :)

Stay awesome ;)


This is a fantastic piece. Well done.

Jesus titty fucking Joseph. I uhh. Why is my dick out?

Well, let me explain. I always scour the NG:AP in hopes of stumbling across pieces like this. I know there's a lot of brilliant folks out there that all have humble beginnings and fly under the radar until their efforts start getting recognized in public view. I applaud said efforts and find they are being honed rather dutifully in songs such as this one.

It's like Haywyre and Feed me had a baby here. The production is CLEAN. Clear. Crystal. HNNNGGGG.

- Like I already said, this piece is supremely clean. Not sure how much EQ/Mastering went into this, but this is so clean I could eat breakfast off of it. There is NO frequency cross-over, bleeding or otherwise counter-harmonic issue anywhere that offends the ears.
- Excellent choice of samples, synths, etc. It all meshes together rather naturally which is rather interesting in the world of Electronic music. I find that nowadays quit commonly it is seen that a very small handful of 'safe' sounds are used that are tried, tested and true. Needless to be said, they are simply beat into fucking dust by mediocre artists that want to latch onto the bandwagon of varying success. There is stuff in here that avoids that 'safe' pile and decides to truly go balls deep in a completely different direction (thus the mention of haywyre, as, in my eyes, he's one of the true masters of accomplishing this).
- I could go on, but I won't bore. The fact that you sincerely wish to imbue your creation with emotion is endearing and astounding at the same time. It is quite apparent in this track and I'd wager that you're one of those people that has a rather grand depth to said emotion(s).

- Charlesman30 might be onto something with the bass drop. While what you've created is truly astonishing and worthy of praise- there is room for making a richer, girthier drop. Do not, by any means, misconstrue this as somehow being a flaw in your song as what is mentioned here is sitting neatly at the bottom of the aforementioned 'safe' pile. In particular I wish to mention this because it would be the perfect secondary entity to the emotion in the song. That which grounds the person as your emotion flows through them as they listen. It is the portion that would feel like a wave smacking into rocks at a shore at high speeds. Something to consider, at best.
- I'll get back to you on that. Don't hold your breath.

Keep at it. I can only seeing you becoming greater than some of the most brilliant names in the dubstep scene right now. I daresay that you would be side by side with the likes of Zomboy at this rate.

Brb, dick still hanging out,

ShirkMusic responds:

Hey CO.

Wow, what a rich, detailed review of my song. I must say I am astonished at the depth at which you have analysed the music and it makes me proud to be an artist.

I appreciate what you say about the originality of the drop because I do create all of my synths - they are 'home-made growls', thus what you hear is guaranteed to be different to most things you will have heard before. I know that a lot of producers nowadays simply download preset packs from the internet for NI Massive and abuse the hell out of them, which perturbs me somewhat.

Are you yourself a producer? You seem to be quite familiar with frequency cross-over, which of course is somewhat out of the ordinary. It is true - I e.q. the large majority of my synths so as to remove at least the first 150hz, whereas the sub bass dominates these lower frequencies and is low passed past that point.
I find that sidechain compression helps to produce a very clean mix as well. For example, most of the synths and basses are compressed so that they 'duck' whenever the kick or the snare play. However the pluck/bell that you can hear in the drops and intro has no sidechain compression, therefore it appears to ride easily over the top of the song. The effect is subtle but profound (and I think I tend to overuse it a little bit too!).

Thanks so much for the response, you have truly made my day.


(p.s. put your pants back on)