Reviews for "Haunted"


i used this music for my animations, that i never even posted on newgrounds,atleast i gived credit that shirk created dat electronic music, love ya shirk music 10/10 - Madelansravis

Can i use this in my agar.io series?Just because this song is so AMAZING and agar.io without music is just too plain.I absolutely LOVE that drop!

The arp reminds me of the Halloween Moon, I think it's called, from Terraria. Anyway, the main melody and the sound for it go together very well. And it's very unique, I've never heard a Halloween style melody that's bouncy.

Can I use this in one of my videos?

I found this song on Geometry Dash and listened to it all the way through. At 44 seconds i realized exactly where I'd heard this before. Does anyone else know what I'm thinking..... <:)