Reviews for "Social Assassin"

I liked it

I like the style you used. Your animation is getting better with each one you post. Oh and a huge thank you for not being a sell out bitch who is more worried about money than art. That in itself gains my respect for you as an artist, rather than being a sell out. Shit no ads at all earns the extra point for a 10.

Good job and never sell out, art is too important for a price tag

Very nice

I really liked it.It was funny and had some really nice jokes

Not bad, in fact good

Sounds were so clear made me want to cry a bit. The art work was really decent nothing big and nothing small(So the FPS was gonna be clear and the size isn't that bad). XD and would be funny to have an assassin to post everything he was doing too. :3 poor guy should of not done what he did to have what happened.

was pretty funny

is it just me or did the Assassian sound a little like Jerry Seinfeld XD

was a pretty funny animation poking fun at ppl that Update there status dozens of times a day in FB or even Twiter, one of the main reason i don't use FB or Twitter or really any social Net site since there just Personal info vaccums that could easily get hacked and then you find your Various Email account Spammed to the max. thats why i leave that stuff for maybe just networking my future Flash anims around and nothing else.

Face Circles...

You captured the world man (everyone is on those sites way too much)! I wasn't a HUGE fan of ur art style (but it's your style so i'm not gonna bash it.... plus it was original) Sound quality was great.

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Hi and thanks so much for your feedback! Don't worry about the style; I truly don't have one. It's all experimental as far as looks go... It's the content, the writing and ideas that I'm most focused on. I'm glad you liked it overall. :)