Reviews for "Social Assassin"


One of the best videos ever, I can't stop watching it!!!

These type of people...

does not deserve to live...

The world as we know it

Great connection to the real world. I know people just as addicted to facebook and twitter. Great comic relief especially because of the trouble social media can cause

Loved It

That was a great stab at the social media aspect of today, laughed the whole way through it and the animation seemed pretty as well. Hard to find a good Newgrounds video in this day but you definitely made the grade.

Also whoever said never sell out or whatever... you need to remember that making money with art is fine, selling out is only when you compromise your atristic belief or talents for money. If you can do what you want and make money, give it hell.


Loved it!
You brought your characters to life in a fun engaging way. Kudos!

All points to you! 5/5 10/10