Reviews for "Social Assassin"

Brilliant !

That is great , I love the way you make fun of social networking in this . The animation is very good and the voices were recorded perfectly . Really good flash , made me laugh ! Excellent work !

yup. Don't text & drive

excelent look into the way communication is done today. was done very well, loved it


This What Happens To Assassins If They Got An Ipad Or Facebook Account


Nice style, and great voice acting too.

That was pretty damned funny!

Even though I have a Facebook account (my friend Zombie-Pimp invited me), I hardly use it, and will NEVER use Twitter. (Why use it when we ALREADY have MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, and Trillian?) Truth is, I hate those types of websites and would love to see more people satirizing them.

Animation: It may be just tweened cutouts, but I really like the dry-erase style that was used. All in all, not the best animation, but it gets the point across.
Audio: Great job on the voices, music selection, and sound effects. I don't have much else to comment on this really.
Content: This was very well written and directed. The satirical aspect of this had a lot of thought put into this and it paid off. I was laughing at how he was posting his mission status, photographing classified shit, and added his target to his friends obliviously. However, the only gripe with this is that it's not the first flash on here to mock social network sites, but since when do flash movies have to be 100 percent original?

-Well written and poignant
-Good direction
-Nice drawing style
-Good audio

-Not the best animation, but not the worst.
-Wasn't the first Social Network parody.

Overall: Here's a nice nine from me.