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Reviews for "steve jobs tribute flash"

lol baby come out of his butt

spoky movie is nice triubte 10 rate

Haters gonna hate.

The poor quality made it even funnier. Steve Jobs deserved to be disrespected like this and this was hilarious! Great work. Wish it were a wee-bit longer but oh well. Great job over all. Brush dem haters off.


the only thing more dead than Steve Jobs is the quality and humor of this movie...

Dwarme responds:

Thanks! That's what we here at Dynacorp © strive for and we are glad to see another satisfied customer! Be sure to check out our upcoming fall lineup! -Susan (Customer relations department)

I'm all for dead people jokes.

And I'm rating you purely on the flash quality, It's very low grade and needs lots of work.

Not really amusing.
Quality was low.
The mouth movement needs a lot of work, make the mouth not open as wide.
I've seen voices done a lot worse than that, so that's a good thing.

But I do think having Steve Jobs come out of a dogs ass is in bad taste.
Honestly, think if his loved ones were to see this. All in all just pretty disrespectful. I'm not saying it's not possible to make a humorous joke about someone who has passed on, but the way you executed it was the wrong way.