Reviews for "Disbalanced"


This was really great, I enjoyed watching it so much! The 3D action was intense, and very well done! However, at first the movement seemed almost stiff, so to speak. Work a little more on making movements more fluid in the beginning. The music made the action all the more intense, and was a great choice for the animation, especially considering how fast-paced it got in the end! Also, I really enjoyed the easter egg at the end, or should I say... easter "Banana"?

Rest in Peace Bode

R.I.P this is really amazing. I just discovered who you are but i did see your work because of terkoiz. 3 talented people gone in one month. its really sad also seeing how amazing your work was made me sadder. R.I.P dead but never forgotten.

May God Take Care Of You LuccasBode R.I.P

Yeah I heard of what happened
Luccas ' animations is too cool
LuccasBode Memorial (Stickpage) was sad