Reviews for "Disbalanced"

Unbalanced, Disbalanced and Rebalanced

I never understood what these animations are about but, they're so awesome!

Pretty darn good.

Just needs a bit more snap, and for more of the actions to be synched to the beat. This would draw the viewer into the flash and give it much more impact.

Okay, where should I start...

Fluid animation.
Professional quality.
Action PACKED.
Awesome, fitting music.

This was by far one of the greatest 'stick figure' flash movies I've ever had the pleasure to view. Absolutely stunning work! So quick paced, but I could still keep up and know what was going on, at any given time. While watching droves of diverse stick figures slaughter eachother for seemingly no purpose, I get to listen to fantastic music that fit it all so well... And that's one of the best aspects! --They were DIVERSE, instead of the usual MILLIONS of clone stick figures. I saw the classic ninja, a cannibalistic freakshow, a wizard, a demi-god, a hammer berzerker, an electro-mace master, a buster-sword wielding brawler, TANKS, and more!
And all that was just a tribute to two other animations?...

Really, this is quality work, LuccasBode.
I can't wait to see what else you might submit later on!



LuccasBode responds:

Thank you bro :]

Good but...

Sorry but this is from Terkoiz but still its awesome so just 7 for u and 3


great 3d art