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Reviews for "Falling Sands"

I love this game

An instant classic!

Very fun and great and bla bla bla

The only thing I could think of to make this better is sound. Like, the sounds of C4 and fire and likewise and such as. Or something, cause pure silence isn't doing it.

i like

i love this one its fun and im loving the improved material reactions as well as the improved materials. this is indeed in improvement on all the previous versions. p.s. i love the clear button. its magical

An outstanding achievement, odd difficulty curve.

Beforehand, I would like to say that I am extremely impressed with the degree of mastery you have with this tower defense game. There are a few, if any flaws; overall, the game experience has been extraordinary, a true pioneer in the tower defense genre.

First, let me commend you on the graphics. They have been extraordinarily worked, from the projectiles, to the towers, to the enemies. You have a real grasp for design; the towers are simplistic, yet very comforting to the eye. Additionally, I highly enjoy your creativity with the various creep waves. The monster design is varied and fantastic, without resorting to recolors or re-spawning of previous monsters. On a personal note, I really like your style in general. Not overly gaudy, but not too simplistic.

Next, the gameplay is fantastic. The vast variety of towers makes for exciting play; it stimulates tactical thinking as well as curiosity. Even more impressive is the balancing that has been done with the towers; each is balanced in relation to its price, without any tower being impractical or unusable. In addition to this, the mana system for game spells does not inhibit the game by acting as the most essential element to eliminating boss waves or a facet of the game that can be completely ignored altogether. Kudos to your eye for balance.

The last comment I must make is the sound effect and music selection. Every sound is suitable: not excessively cutesy or cheesy. The music also syncs well with the theme. Its dramatic rhythm kept me on edge as I fought wave after wave, and smoothly transitions into a thrilling boss theme that terrified me as the boss creep nears the end.

There is a minor issue with the difficult curve: the exponential difficulty growth of the creeps leads to an uncomfortable experience very late in the game. I've had to expend insane amounts of flash bombs to rid the last few waves, and I am thoroughly convinced that the last boss is impossible to beat.

Overall, fantastic work. This flash game has a place in my heart as one of the most fantastic tower defense games on the Internet.

ajs11893 responds:

What is this garbage?