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Reviews for "Nyan Steve 1955-2011"




What else to say?

Soar the Skies my friend! Go forth to the iCloud!


LMAO why is a writer credited? Like someone actually wrote this Lmfao

not the best, though not the worst

i think that the art is a bit crude. also, you didnt replace the audio. all in all, this seams a bit easy to make. its no the most offensive thing ever, though i dont care for it either.


i think this is pretty hilarious and a great idea for a cartoon. overall im impressed you got it done that quickly. its always hard to get something done in time when someone dies so its great a lot of people worked on this to get it done as quickly as possible. it was certainly worth the effort. i am glad tom fulp put this on the front page. he has a wonderful sense of humour and he doesn't care for the score a movie got. with its score of 2.70 (WHY DO YOU RATE IT THAT LOW PEOPLE?!) I would have nearly overlooked it if funny fulp hadn't put it on the front page.
my stomach is still aching because this was so funny. deserves a higher score.
i am wondering how you managed to give this such a small file size. only 3.3 mb for such a detailed animation? i would really love to know the compression magic you guys use to get it that small.