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Reviews for "Nyan Steve 1955-2011"

Just plain offensive.

You may consider this to be funny , but i don't. He was a great inventor and created a lot of things like the Macintosh computer , and you just remember him because of the iPhone. That's really stupid.
Besides it's not even remotely funny , and even if it would , just look at this mess! It's awfully animated!
Low framerate , bad graphics ,the legs don't move as they should, the face looks almost nothing like Steve Jobs...
I don't know why they frontpaged this.
This looks like one of those animations people do to troll. (Which is also shown by all those unnecesary credits going probably to random people) not like something you see in a frontpage.

So , bottom line :
Insulting "plot"
awfull animation
Low framerate
Innecesary credits.
This shows how crap of a movie this is.
Some people might think "Calm down , man! It's a joke!" Well joking about dead people with a crap animation isn't a very good joke.
I'm not rating this 0 because it's offensive , but because it's an horrible animation , and if they would base Steve Jobs' homage with this animation , i'm pretty sure he'd puke. Twice.


you have just insulted the greatest man in history


a good send off rip Steve

truly one can take away a lesson from this

this actually is a very good way to show the apple idea process compared to post jobs, this will be used to compare the gradual down fall of apple. In other words people will look back and this and laugh saying "yeah he kinda did crap money"


Much as I like Nyan Cat and respect Steve Jobs, this seemed incredibly easy to do. Try bumping up the picture y'know? If it's got as little movement as this then there's no reason it shouldn't look astounding.