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Reviews for "Nyan Steve 1955-2011"

what the

It is a shame that Steve Jobs has died, but making flashes like this is just ridicelous


Steve died and went to apple heaven. There he sits on his throne made of golden iPods and shits dollars.

It sums a lot

iSteve crapping $$ into deep space. Take that nyan cat! R.I.P. Steve.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Ah, Steve Jobs, you will be missed.

What? You want me to explain the score? Do I really need to explain why I gave this a one? Honestly? Or else people will think this review is usless? Well, uh, sure, why not.

So, the soundfile was a copy-pasted file of nyancat's. You didn't change. You didn't even put any effort into it. You just copy and pasted it. You could've done a revamped version, with someone saying "SteveSteveSteveSteveSteveSteveSteve" or "AppleAppleAppleAppleAppleApple" but no, you took the same sound we've seen a thousand times before and used it, even though you had many opportunities to make it better.

The animation is terrible. I'm not going to be nice here because I doubt you'll care about what I say when everyone else is going to give this a 10 because Steve Jobs died. But look, I could draw that animation in a few minutes. I could copy that soundfile in a few minutes. I could make that loop in a few minutes. i don't see this entire thing taking more than half an hour. And that's it. I just covered every aspect of this "flash" in 2 paragraphs. You could've taken the idea and gone so much farther, but hey, front page for you anyway.


Cool flash, bro.