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Reviews for "Nyan Steve 1955-2011"

Whilst watching this... my lights in the room literally flickerked during this song to this song... O_O



I am just going to guess (and really, just guess, since I have no idea) that the only reason this is on the front page, is because it's a type of "salute" to Steve Jobs being gone.

And what can you say about the actual work done into it? Uuuhm...

I can't really even review this properly. It's another Nyan Cat mix with famous character and nothing else. Minimal work went into it. I am not sure I can even find a good thing to say about it, except the fact that it's a certain "salute" for Steve Jobs, so respect to that. Otherwise, it's bad and in my honest opinion not worthy of front page.

Also, not sure how there is so many authors in this, considering how minimal this thing is.

1/5, 3/10

Poor effort

The drawings are poor, the idea is completely unoriginal and hence the skill in animation that this took is very minimal.... Regardless of this it gets on the front page and all the bad reviews get deleted to incurage the psychological effect of everyone likes this, so I should too!...


Steve Jobs would be proud...if he wasn't dead.