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Reviews for "Donkeytoons 0634"


Genius. Such great talent. The eye-popping animation blends flawlessly with the magnificent music. I can't believe this didn't get *at least* Weekly 2nd award. Pure perfection. Keep at it. 10/10, 5/5 + fav.

(I'm crazy, I know.)


Congrats! Moderate this! :P

Very nice toons

This one was really "RANDOM" but guess that is the intent, I still say some added clips besides just the one, the multiple toons like this one and all the daily toons you make, that made me enjoy the Daily toons a bit more and newgrounds for that matter, you dont see that kind of style anymore so im glad to finally review some of these old multiple animations.

I still say some added clips besides just the one


Above average turd of the week

This was surprisingly better than the average turd of the week , don't get me wrong it's still shit and it's seizure inducing and random , but at least there is some effort in the animation , nice try !


I don't get it..why? What did I just watch? The only moderately good part was the intro, but the rest was just weak and pointless.