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Reviews for "Donkeytoons 0634"

what a terrible use of talent

the intro was well made but the rest was awful. if you made the whole thing as good as the intro then this would of gotten at least 1 'good' award.


I don't get it..why? What did I just watch? The only moderately good part was the intro, but the rest was just weak and pointless.


I thought it was hilarious, and the intro part was pretty well-animated, but the rest of it wasn't well animated, I mean it's just using pictures and motion tweens and stuff. No point to the movie, either.

I guess this is what you get with lazy animation

At least try putting some effort into your flashes if you're going to end up posting them here. Getting a turd of the week just smells worse than a fart in a car.

If you have a joke, tell it. If you have a point, make it. Just don't slap together a bunch of random crap only you would find funny and call it a flash, its just a waste of everyone's time if you don't care to show improvement.

k0diak responds:

teach me, how, to dougie.

what a waste

It seems like all your submissions are just random pieces of animation put together with out any kind of general effort. Next time try to make your next submission have a meaning or purpose and take a little more time on it.