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Reviews for "Lazy Writing 2"

Holy crap that was great! LAWL.

I did not expect that.

Great little flick here, love your style. The graphics are hilarious, with these minor details you wouldn't always notice like what's on the board behind the Professor. The voicing is awesomely done, great quality and the voices fit perfectly for the characters.

For a little skit this is great. Would love to see more like this on NG.


Did anyone else see 'Frog Clit' on the board?


why were there frogs in his gullet?
and he was jut like "guys,hes onto us,go,go,go" and he just puked them out
lol,i wish i could do that


Yaaaagh hahahaha that ending was creepy XD I loved it, totally unexpected for the teacher's paranoia to turn out to be justified. Really made me laugh!