Reviews for "The Star Song"

simply great

I loved the song, and your animation is quite nice, but it just kept reminding me of super mario galaxy storyline. But nicely done in all


great animation and all just, arent they meant to be inside the spaceship? :P

People probably already said this

But as soon as I saw this, my mind instantly thought of Super Mario Galaxy. Is nice, very nice. Kind of weird to see man voice come from girl though

I've heard this song's story before.

The story in the song is the same as the story you unlock piece by piece in Super Mario Galaxy in Rosalina's Library she reads this story to the Star Children (The Lumas) and it is actually the story of her roots and the origin of the Comet Observatory.

Don't believe me? While Fredde Gredde may not have noticed it this is the same story. Just look it up.

Amazingly amazing

Have nothing to say. It's beutiful..