Reviews for "The Star Song"

Stella parva

Nice animation skills, but it's not perfect. People giving you straight 10s are not being critical. Personally, I wasn't very emotionally touched by your work, which I guess was your goal when creating this. The style does not match with the feeling of the song. Too comical maybe, and your camera angles are generally simplistic, only showing general scenes instead of focusing into more relevant, catchy details. You have some good scenes though. I was impressed by the house unfolding! Undoubtfully that was the best cutscene of the animation. About the plot: It does not enter the mind as easily as it should. I think this is because the animation style is a bit sketchy and some things happen too quick. Maybe there is an excess of scenes which want to contibute to the overall candor of the work, but instead make it sloppier, harder to follow at times.
Overall this is a nice, colourful flash, that can touch the heart of a certain kind of audience. Although practice would make your drawing skills better (to a lesser extent, animation too needs perfectioning), the general impression is alright. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

PS, the replay button is not working for me.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Yeah, I have no idea why the replay button doesn't work, I'm trying to fix it now.

I actually agree with you to an extent.

I think i'm a pretty decent draftsman. I like to think I can draw anything if given enough time but then time is a luxury you dont get in animation. Not when your one man trying to make a cartoon with about 80 individual scenes. Plus i'm better on paper than a tablet. I think maybe I don't spend enough time on the inbetweens so stuff wobbles a bit between the keys.

I think my composition is not simplistic but interesting and dynamic. Did you not see the bit where her and the star avoid the asteroids. That uses a background with 6 point perspective which wobbles the whole time.

It's funny that you like the house transformation the best. It was probably the easiest bit to do.


God, I'm frecking crying....that was so sad, but so well done.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

YAY@emotional reaction. My evil scheme worked!


wow... it's... so... beautiful and sad


That, was just amazing. I loved the animation and the song, literally almost brought me to tears, it was so moving.


Fuck,i'm crying :'(