Reviews for "Sonic VS Dark Sonic"

Hyped out

I loved how you made the animation clash with each other as if they were really fighting. The ending left me in suspense because i didnt get to see what happened next. Over all i think you did a great job on this project.

tal9x9 responds:

well the animation had to be one minuet for the battle so i didn't have time to finish it

Sets off some pet peeves.

- Originality (If this was an obvious parody I might dropped this)
+ Clean Sprites, and art.
+ Has sound effects and music.

Pet peeves (ignore if this is a music video):
* Lyrics in BGM(BackGroundMusic).
* The BGM seems to be telling the Action what to do, instead of the other way around. You know, the dramatic pauses that keeps the action in sync with the BGM.

tal9x9 responds:

thanks for reviewing


where's the ending i wanna see who won the fight

tal9x9 responds:

sorry still why 6?


Actually, it's good..
And did you forget about the collab btw?
This is good, although it may lag.