Reviews for "Sonic VS Dark Sonic"


Actually, it's good..
And did you forget about the collab btw?
This is good, although it may lag.



tal9x9 responds:

thank you my good friend

Pretty good

if this is not your best then i must see more

tal9x9 responds:

LOL something is coming soon........better


You made a pretty good flash. All of your other flashes suck compared to this one.

tal9x9 responds:

not all of them but if you watched svs then i can get what you're saying but still as i said this is not my best level it was made a month ago i'm even better then this now

Not your best?

I can't imagine how it looks now with a lot of work.Cool flash btw

tal9x9 responds:

no man i'm even better then this A LOT