Reviews for "Epic Cupcake Time"


Your animation was amazing!!!! Mixing Epic Meal Time with MLP and the bloody "Cupcacke's" universe was probably one of the most original idea i've ever seen since the release of season 1 on the HUB! Awesome as Ponycraft 2 (and that means a LOT).
A brohoof you deserve, 47times. An EPIC one (and a shower of 10/10 too!).

Suprisingly Accurate Voices

The animation is suprisingly smooth, and not only that, but the voices are SPOT ON! They sound like they were from the show itself. Only nitpick is that your water flow could use a bit of work.


That was just freaking funny, if I had no knowledge of MLP I'd never gotten that Applejack joke at the end lol. Well done sir/madam!

my favourite ponies!

win. nuff said


Is the best thing ive ever seen. My God. Its beautiful. And to all those who voted low, STOP HATIN'!!