Reviews for "Epic Cupcake Time"

That was great!

That sounds just like Pinkie! Funny as hell too. Great spoof of both MLP and that epic meal time bit. Very good art/animation and of coure the audio was hilarious. Great job.



Ten stars for you! :D
Animation was fantastic, the voices were absolutely superb!
Very well done, please make more!

5'd and 10'd!

Epic Flash, also a service message...

The voices are pretty impressive. Got the style and expressions from the show down nicely.

Now, a service message.
This is for things like this in general, please stop giving submissions low scores and honestly, bullshit reviews because you don't like the subject material. Its a waste of your time and just makes you look imature no matter how thought out your faux "review" appears to be. We've all seen flashes with poor style and animation. For a flash of this length, the animation's fine. So please save your self indulgent tripe for someone else.


For those of you who've never watched Epic Meal Time, look it up on YouTube. Epically awesome. Well done.

Sweets, rainbow and pretties, but you forgot...

...about the X ingridient! XD