Reviews for "Epic Cupcake Time"

One must Love and Tolerate haters. If not...This.

In recall, this first made me think it was animated horror Fanfic "Cupcakes". I was prepared to get bleach in case my eyes needed it. Thank god it wasn't, yet it turned out to be quite funny and well done. Voices are soft and most accurate I've seen compared to the real voices. The animation was smooth and well done. You are first review I have done in like lol years, congrats on such a awesome animation. You should look into doing a Muffin one featuring Derpy Hooves and maybe Pinkie Pie. Just a suggestion, I feel it would draw a lot of attention from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Communities. Brony 4 Life.


I'm with austinsa994.

Great work! As a fan of both EMT and MLP:FIM, I can say you parodied them perfectly :D




I was totally going to write something complex and all that but... Oh my Sweet Luna. That was so FUCKING AWESOME. YESSS.


This truly deserves a 10.
The animation/art is great.
The voice acting is superb.
The reference made me laugh.
Good job.